We supply schools and education departments with the books required according to your curriculum. We offer both USED and NEW childrens books.

USED CHILDRENS BOOKS: All our used childrens books are mixed genres and subjects, both fiction and non fiction. Each box of books will have a variety of titles aimed at children of between the age range of 0-12 years. We can provide single boxes of 100 books to pallets of 2000+ books. This is perfect for restocking a library on a budget or for resale. See More

Order Size Approx Number of Books Approx Weight
Single Box 100 Books 20 kg
0.5 (Half) Pallet 1000 Books 250kg
1 Full Pallet 2000 books 500kg

NEW CHILDRENS BOOKS: We cater for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 books which are made available by single titles from our store. See our store for titles currently available. Each title has a minimum order quantity of 10 copies per title. Contact us with your requirements if you need specific books and we will provide you with best available price. See More

We can offer worldwide shipping.